About Goa

The state of Goa is known for its exotic sun-kissed sea beaches, adventure sports, beach carnivals as well as Portuguese churches. These unique features of the place attract tourists from all over the world.

Goa, some call it the land of ‘Sun, Sand and the Sea’the perfect beaches to cool off your feet. From a dazzling nightlife to a romantic getaway, from a fun water skiing to sightseeing the ancient forts, there are just so many things to do in Goa.
Seasons in Goa
The climate of Goa defines the holiday seasons. October to March, the coolest months, are the high season and the party season. The monsoon months, from June to September are the low season. Christmas is the busiest time when package tourists from the west and travellers from the rest of India gather in Goa to celebrate the season. Goa’s Portugese/Christian heritage, coupled with its fabulous beaches and friendly people, makes it the ideal place as a holiday destination to relax.

While in Goa you will see different shades, apart from the sun, sand and sea is the vibrant nightlife. There are numerous ways and places to have a wonderful evening ahead once you are in Goa. Being a tourist’s paradise there are plenty to choose from, there are Shacks and Restaurants, Casinos and Cruises, Discos and Nightclubs, Saturday night markets where you will find unlimited allowance of joy and excitement getting you lose control on your self.

Restaurants and Shacks
Goa boasts of a huge number of pubs where both locals and tourists gather in large numbers. The party begins after sunset and continues till midnight. In Goa’s restaurants, you will come across various international delights, apart from the traditional Konkani-south Indian fare. You can expect to be peppered with excellent facilities at reasonable prices at these places.
You can spend the evening having drinks while eating the delicious food or the sea cuisine. It’s really a very good combo to eat your favorite food, with chilled beer and that too on the beach with a background music playing, what more you want? The shack owners in the evening organize bonfires and beach side barbecues. Just look for a shack and enjoy the fire or better still sit listening to the waves sipping your cocktail.

Casinos and Cruises
Nightlife in Goa is not just wine, dine and party, there are other options like the Goa night cruises available on Mondovi river. The journey will take you through the lights of Panjim – Miramar one hand, and Aguada fort and Reis Magos on the other side. Music, dance, drink and food all this included in the ticket. The golden coastline of Goa is now more popularized all over the world for its offshore and onshore casinos. American Roulette, Black Jack, Rummy, Stud Poker, Baccarat, Pontoon and Flash are some the major games offered.

Saturday night markets
This is a ‘must go’ in Goa if you are visiting during the high season. As its name says, is open on Saturdays 6PM till 1AM, they have live entertainment, live food counters of various cuisines, and hundreds of souvenir shops. Carnival atmosphere prevails around the stalls
Goa is a place where fun and excitement never end. Goans are jolly people who welcome the visitors with open arms. The region came under the influence of different cultures through its centuries old history, which is evident in its cosmopolitan culture. The numerous casinos, Shacks and Restaurants, pubs, discos and nightclubs make Goa a party lovers paradise.

Goa is rated as one of the best places in the world for adventure sports enthusiasts. The climate is near perfect for most of the year and the sea remains calm, which makes it ideal for water sports such as water skiing, scuba diving, boat rides, parasailing and water scooters. The ideal season for adventure in Goa is the time from October to April.

Parasailing in Goa
This is one of the most popular adventure sport in which a person hangs from a parachute, which is tied to the back of a speedboat with the help of a rope. As the boat gains speed the person is lifted up in the air.

Scuba Diving in Goa
One of the newest adventure sports on the circuit, it allows you to get up-close with the marine life. Goa is a hot destination for scuba diving as the sea here is calm and visibility is better than some of the other places.

Sea Fishing in Goa
Goa is the ideal place for a laidback fishing vacation. The hundreds of kilometers long coastline offers plenty of fishing spots where you can try fishing and angling with your family.

Water Scooters in Goa
It is rated as one of the most thrilling water sport, which involves moving through the sea at extremely high speeds. The scooters are simple to handle but an instructor is usually sent along to guide the rider.